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  1. Throughout a long journey to Viagra Avalon Morgeyna lay in a stretcher, not getting up, her head throbbing, and in his mind again and again hitting question: "Why!" After three days of fasting and ritual of a long day she was completely exhausted. She is vaguely aware that the night feasting and lovemaking were intended to unleash this power, and so would all the cases andtions has, and she totally would have come to, if not a morning shock. Morgeyna himselfI knew enough to understand: once the shock and fatigue subside, comes a rage, and she wanted to get to Viviana before wrath l will break out, until she is able to depict semblance of calm. This time they chose the path l through the lake, and Morgeyne allowed, according to her urgent request, part of the journey on foot, because she had not been ritually shields virgin rite it justla priestess of the Lady of the Lake environment. When the boat moved through the lake, she was asked to call the mists to create a gateway to Avalon, Morgeyna stood up without even thinking, so l accustomed to accept this ordinance as a matter of course, as an integral part of their lives. However, raising his hands,l lshe suddenly froze for a moment, in the power of doubt. Inside it was a change so significant, were whether she had strength to create a lie? In the power of rebellious indignation Morgeyna hesitated for a moment, and the rowers looked at her with polite sympathy. She felt the piercing them, sharp looks and felt ready to sink into the ground with shame, as if everything that happened to her the night before, is inscribed on her face letters lust. Above the lake floated a quiet church bells, and suddenly Morgeyna again transported to a distant childhood: she listened as the father of Columbus pathetically talking about chastity as the best way to approach the holiness of Mary, Mother of God that miraculously gave birth to her son, never once mired worldly sin. Even at that time Morgeyna thought to myself: "What utter nonsense, how could a woman have a baby, not knowing a man?" But when the sacred sound of the bell is something inside of her as if dead, crumbledl into dust, sank into