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pandora Rose collection charms hot sale in uk

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the pandora essence charms sale  Mother’s Day 2016 collection and so today I’m running my usual HQ images preview, with individual commentary on each new charm coming out! This launch is due out on the 14th of April and has drawn generally positive reviews from collectors so far, with some lovely use of pearl and floral designs that offer a little variety beyond the usual motherly designs. This preview encompasses just the charms – please see my other preview for HQ images of the Mother’s Day jewellery!

it’s not as thick and the area of enamel is a lot smaller so it doesn’t seem as vibrant. This pendant is helped a lot if you put it with other similar pinks, so as to bring out the colour! It’s been longer than I meant since my last Spring 2016 review – so apologies for that. I will have a lot more to do when my package from the US March bracelet promo turns up, including some cheap pandora charms Disney!;) In the meantime, read on for close-up shots and my thoughts on this new design. One thing I like about this pendant is that there are no cubic zirconia on the bail! This is one of my least preferred ways that   pandora disney charms ukadd CZs to charms, and I much prefer it when they are integrated into the design. The thing that you don’t realise from the stock image, however, is just how tiny this pendant is! It has a fair bit of detail, what with the different flowers, but it is small, even compared with other Pandora dangles. I’d say too small to wear on its own as a necklace pendant.

The following charms have not yet been released in any territories and include a greater variety of designs, including flowers, cupcakes and pretty pearls. In the UK, these pieces will be marketed as the second drop of the Pandora Spring collection. Pandora are also making use of mother-of-pearl for this collection, as seen in the Luminous Floral design. This one has just a hint of cubic zirconia in it. I could see this one looking nice with the Pandora Rose collection or maybe the Fascinating Olive from last year’s Autumn 2015  pandora charms sale uk collection.

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