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Children as young as three should be wearing sunglasses when playing outside in bright weather, say specialists.

Toddlers are especially vulnerable to the sun's rays, they claim replica sunglasses.

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The lenses of a child's eye are more transparent than an adult's, allowing more short-wavelength light to reach the retina.

It is exposure to this light, and the sun's UV rays, that can lead to a variety of vision disorders, research by the American Optometric Association suggests Designer SunGlasses.

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Up to 80 per cent of sun exposure takes place before the age of 18 as children spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer.

Sonal Rughani, of the Royal National Institute for the Blind, said: 'We encourage children to look after their eyes, as excessive exposure to sunlight can potentially damage the eyes and may contribute to the onset of other eye-related conditions such as cataracts sunglasses replica.'

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But parents must make sure they buy a pair of sunglasses with the necessary protection replica sunglasses.

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